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Energy Profiler Online (EPO)

Energy Profiler Online™ (EPO) is a powerful Internet-based energy management tool that provides accurate energy use data quickly and automatically. EPO puts all of your energy usage data at your fingertips and presents it in ways that make sense - through graphs, charts, tables, and reports.

Energy Profiler Online™ will help you pinpoint unusual or costly loads and plan future usage for maximum efficiency and energy cost savings. Using a computer equipped with a Web browser you can securely access comprehensive, up-to-date metered interval load data from one or multiple facilities with a few keystrokes.

Customers pay a monthly fee per account for access to all product features or can have access to their Load Profile graph for free. A registered User ID and password are required to gain access to this information.

Energy Profiler Online™ makes it easy for you to: 

  • Energy Profiler Online GraphAnalyze usage and demand for multiple sites
  • Review usage history data for up to two years
  • Examine data in a graphical or tabular form
  • Compare electricity use among facilities
  • Establish accurate electricity usage benchmarks
  • Measure the effectiveness of energy efficiency efforts
  • Download data for further analysis
  • Generate management reports

How to Enroll 

Complete the registration form and your Account Executive will contact you to activate your User ID and password; or, contact your Account Executive for assistance.

Already Enrolled?  

Login to Energy Profiler Online™. Access requires an activated User ID and password.

Add or Remove Accounts from your Energy Profiler Online™ User ID.

Cancel your Energy Profiler Online™ service.


Contact your Account Executive at 1-800-662-7764 or email us at PSNHEnergyProfiler@psnh.com.

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