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Renewable Energy Options

Solar_LargeDeclining costs and state and federal incentives are combining to make installing renewable generation sources—such as wind, solar, and geothermal—an increasingly viable alternative for businesses.
Learn more about your options, resources, and important safety requirements:

Requirements for Customer-Owned Generation

Customers planning to install on-site generation that will operate in parallel with the PSNH distribution system must contact PSNH during the early planning stages to ensure that all PSNH interconnection requirements are included in the facility design. PSNH will need to evaluate the technical specifications of the proposed generation facility and prepare a report outlining the required protection and control functions that will need to be incorporated into the final design.

For further information about interconnection requirements and questions about PSNH’s Net Energy Metering Program  for customers with renewable generation, contact the PSNH Supplemental Energy Sources Department at (603) 634-2920 or (603) 634-2312.