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EarthSmart Green Rate

PSNH_EarthSmart_LOGO_GR_175PSNH’s EarthSmart Green Rate is available to all PSNH customers who receive electric service from PSNH. With this rate, you can support renewable energy development and reduce fossil fuel dependence by paying a premium on all or a portion of your monthly kilowatt-hour usage. PSNH then uses this premium to purchase Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)—equal to the percentage of monthly energy use that you chose to offset—from renewable generation sources in New England. RECs are a source of revenue for renewable energy developers and aid in the development of renewable energy sources in New England. Sources of RECs include biomass, wind, hydro, and solar energy sources.

If PSNH is unable to purchase RECs at a reasonable cost, then PSNH will make a payment to the State of New Hampshire’s Renewable Energy Fund. These funds are used to promote development of renewable energy projects.

Three Green Rate kilowatt-hour offset options are available: 25%, 50%, and 100%. Each option calls for a larger premium. For example, customers who choose to offset 25% of their energy usage pay about a 5% premium on their total monthly electric bill. See the table below for a breakdown.

Please note that, as per agreement with the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission, the EarthSmart Green Rate will be discontinued effective January 1, 2014 unless more than 4,000 PSNH customers sign up by December 31, 2013.  

Green Rate Offset Options

Prices effective June 1, 2013

  25% Renewable 50% Renewable 100% Renewable
Premium cents per kilowatt Hour 1.375 2.75 5.5
Estimated Percent Bill Increase
Business Customers 5% 10% 21%
Residential Customers 6% 12% 25%

Other Information

  • Customers can add or drop the Green Rate on a monthly basis.
  • The premium Green Rate charge appears as a separate line item on your monthly bill.
  • Green Rate charges are subject to change, along with PSNH’s Energy Service Rate, on January 1 of each year, with a possible mid-year adjustment on July 1.
  • The Green Rate is open only to customers who receive their energy service from PSNH.

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