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Preparing for an Outage

Because power outages can be unexpected and long-lasting, it is very important that you have a business continuity plan in place, with a step-by-step guide for keeping your business running; for protecting your data, electronic equipment, and other critical functions; and for staying safe during an outage.

Following are some important steps you can take as part of your outage preparation:

  • Consider installing an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and back-up generator for critical loads, especially process control equipment.
  • Regularly test your generator under load: This ensures your transfer switch is reliable. Even brand new transfer switches experience malfunctions.
  • To avoid nuisance trips during short-duration disturbances, review trip settings on your switch gear, motor controls, and variable frequency drives.
  • Consider entering into a stand-by agreement with a supplier of mobile generators.
  • Other outage preparation steps to consider.