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Power Restoration Process

power_restoration_thumbView an animated demonstration of PSNH's power restoration process.  

When there is a break in the electrical system—an electrical outage—PSNH’s first job is to ensure public safety as best possible by cutting and clearing downed electrical wires and then to find, assess, and determine what resources and equipment are necessary for its repair.

The repair is made at the outage point, which could be a substation, power line, pole, or even a connection to your home or business.

During severe weather conditions, there could be several breaks or outages between the substation and your home or business. Repairs must be completed sequentially, beginning at the substation and ending at your home.

PSNH gives priority to transmission lines and substations that supply electricity to our homes and businesses. The restoration of service to critical facilities such as police and fire stations, hospitals, schools, water supplies, sewerage treatment facilities, shelters, and nursing homes are also given priority.

We continue to repair damage based on restoring power to the greatest number of customers in the shortest period of time.

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