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Requirements & Standards

To ensure safety and compliance with local laws, PSNH has developed several requirements and standards for establishing electrical service. Before you break ground on your construction project, learn more about:

  • Electric Service Connection Requirements: View PSNH’s comprehensive Requirements for Electric Service Connections manual, which outlines rules and regulations for electric service installation in PSNH’s service area.
  • Tree Trimming Standards: PSNH’s tree-trimming program maintains safe distances between power lines and surrounding trees. Learn about the standards PSNH follows to help ensure public safety and service reliability.
  • Inspection requirements: Cities and towns across PSNH’s service area have their own specific inspection requirements governing the establishment of permanent, temporary, or altered electric service. Find the requirements of your city or town.
  • Easements: For PSNH to provide electric service to a property, the property owner must grant PSNH an easement that allows the company to use a part of the property to place and maintain the facilities needed to provide service. Learn how to apply for an easement.