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Giving Back

In 1936, amid the Great Depression, a group of Manchester businessmen including PSNH’s Avery Schiller made a daring and pivotal decision to invest in their Queen City. This investment and legacy of commitment set a standard of giving back to the community – a standard that PSNH proudly upholds today.

In the mid-19th century, Manchester’s Amoskeag Manufacturing Co. had been the leading cotton mill in the world and the city’s largest employer, with about 18,000 local workers. By the end of 1935, however, the mighty mill had shut down, and bankrupt Amoskeag was preparing for liquidation. To save what was left, Schiller and other businessmen helped bring about the formation of a new corporation, Amoskeag Industries Inc. Under Schiller’s leadership, PSNH bought Amoskeag’s Manchester Steam Building and invested 20 percent of the funding needed to get Amoskeag on its feet again. Today, PSNH occupies the walls that Schiller helped save; our headquarters at Energy Park is the resurrected Manchester Steam Building.

With this inspiration and history, PSNH continues to give back to the community through employee volunteerism, corporate sponsorship, and development grants. We believe that giving is both a responsibility and an investment in the community – and like Schiller, we prefer to lead by example.

For us, giving back to the community is only natural:

  • We live and work in 211 New Hampshire communities
  • We provide a vital service to those communities; similarly, their health and vitality are vital to our success
  • After more than 80 years advocating for New Hampshire’s advancement, we have a strong desire to see it move forward in the future

Part of PSNH’s vision is to promote the well-being of our region with valuable economic development and civic initiatives, including programs that improve our customers’ quality of life. Community service is also important to our employees, who volunteer thousands of hours improving the lives of their neighbors.