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Vegetation Management

What is Vegetation Management?

tree trimmingVegetation management involves everything from the careful pruning or removal of trees near power lines in your neighborhood or along roads and highways, to keeping large power line corridors clear of interfering trees and other vegetation that could lead to outages. 

New Hampshire is the second most forested state in the country, and during a typical year, trees are responsible for approximately 50 percent of all electric service interruptions. And when there’s a storm with high winds or heavy snow, more than 90 percent of the outages on the PSNH system are caused by trees and tree limbs.

That’s why we regularly schedule vegetation management projects on our 13,000 miles of power lines—working to make sure your lights stay on, all year round. 

Our certified arborists oversee professional tree-trimming crews who are contracted by PSNH to undertake regular vegetation management projects. Each year, we perform scheduled maintenance trimming on nearly 2,500 miles of our power lines, and revisit each location every four to five years. Here’s where we’ll be in 2014 (PDF).

Not only is vegetation management the most effective means of improving your electric service reliability, it also benefits your community by removing dead or diseased trees that pose a risk to or threaten public roads and safety.

Learn more about PSNH vegetation management by clicking on the following links. Or, call us at 1-800-362-7764.