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Dig Safe Program

“Call Before You Dig!”

Our underground environment can be a mesh of electrical wires and other utility pipes, sewer lines, and conduits. Never dig around your home or business without calling Dig Safe, first. Why call?

  1. Striking underground electrical wires, cables, pipelines, and other types of utility apparatus can be hazardous to you and others in the vicinity.
  2. Damaged underground utility lines require costly repairs.
  3. It is NH state law.

Dig Safe System, Inc. is a not-for-profit clearinghouse that works in conjunction with utility companies throughout New England to ensure digging safety and the integrity of underground utilities.

  • Call Dig-Safe toll free, at 1-888-344-7233 (1-888-DIG-SAFE)
  • In NH you are required to call a full three business days prior to the start of any digging project.
  • Once notified, Dig Safe contacts member utilities to come to your site and mark underground utility wires, cables, and pipelines.

Visit the Dig Safe System website to learn more.