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Solar on Utility Poles

Installing Solar Panel on PoleFor this pilot program, PSNH installed solar panels on utility poles in Nashua and Berlin, NH. The energy produced by each 200 watt panel is now fed directly into the local distribution system. The eight panels, four in each city, have been provided free of charge for six months by the New Jersey-based Petra Solar company.

PSNH will use the six month pilot program as a test period to determine the effectiveness of the panels. How much energy can they produce, and at what cost?

Installed Solar PanelThe New Hampshire study sites were chosen because both Berlin and Nashua, along with the town of Plymouth, are part of the "Beacon Communities Project," which is using a variety of methods to reduce energy use and costs in the communities—and seeks to highlight their achievements for other communities to follow.

Similar systems are beginning to gain a serious foothold in other areas of the country. Petra Solar has an agreement to deliver 200,000 units over a 3–4 year period to the PSE&G utility in New Jersey.

Petra Solar Live Generation DataClick on the link below to view live solar generation data and to find out how much energy is being produce right now:

Live Generation Data 

Facts at a Glance:

Energy rating per solar panel: 200 watts
Number of photovoltaic panels: 8
Location: 4 utility poles in Nashua, 4 utility poles in Berlin
Cost: Free of charge for 6 month pilot
Energy destination: Local distribution system
Installation date: November 2010 - January 2011

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