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Solar at Energy Park

 EP_solarIn 2009, PSNH installed one of the state’s largest solar photovoltaic systems on the roof of its Energy Park headquarters building in Manchester. This 51-kilowatt array produces enough power to satisfy about five percent of the facility’s energy needs, or the same amount of energy used by about seven average New Hampshire homes.

The power produced by this array offsets more than 100,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions each year that would otherwise be created through the burning of fossil fuels, and helps PSNH meet its state Renewable Portfolio Standard requirements.

Click on this image to view the live solar generation data:

Facts at a Glance:

Energy rating: 51 kilowatts
Number of photovoltaic panels: 183
Cost: Approximately $375,000
Environmental benefit: Offsets 100,000 pounds of carbon dioxide each year
Installation date: June 2009

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