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Corporate Responsibility

Our Corporate Responsibility to the Environment

PSNH and its parent company, Northeast Utilities (NU), are committed to protecting the environment, and our employees are expected to understand and comply with our environmental policies.

Today’s Actions Help Shape Our Future

In 2008, NU published its inaugural Corporate Social Responsibility Report, outlining its efforts to manage NU and PSNH in a sustainable manner. The report describes the actions we are taking today that are shaping a sustainable future. It highlights our achievements and establishes a baseline from which we will grow and improve as we continue to evolve from an energy service provider to a leading provider of sustainable energy solutions. Learn more about our Corporate Social Responsibility Report .

With Your Help

By saving energy at home, you can help protect the environment as well. You might not think that replacing a light bulb or turning the thermostat down a few degrees will significantly reduce your energy bill or protect the environment, but every little bit helps. Read about ways you can save energy and money, and help protect the environment at the same time.