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Government Affairs

Because PSNH is a regulated utility, the energy policies and regulations that New Hampshire’s elected officials enact greatly affect our business and our customers. The outcome of proposed legislation that concerns PSNH’s power plants, renewable energy, and electrical transmission is crucial to our state and our customers’ welfare. Moreover, many of these issues affect New Hampshire’s environment and economy.

PSNH’s Government Affairs department is the voice of PSNH and its customers in Concord. Department representatives follow key bills in the state legislature, educate legislators about issues of concern to PSNH, and advocate for the company and its customers.

Some PSNH employees also influence the political process by choosing to participate in NUEPAC-NH, the PSNH employee political action committee, which was formed in 2007 to favorably influence New Hampshire energy policymakers.

For more information on PSNH Government Affairs, contact Donna Gamache at 603-634-2881.