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Sandra Gagnon

A healthy meal is in the bag, thanks to Sandra Gagnon


gagnonHardly a day goes by that PSNH consumer assistance administrator Sandra Gagnon doesn’t feel the pain of New Hampshire residents who are struggling to make ends meet. Especially senior citizens. As part of her job, Sandra works closely with the Neighbor Helping Neighbor fund that assists low-income customers who are having trouble paying their utility bills. Her work also involves communicating with and supporting senior citizens, and recently, she joined the Conference on Aging planning committee and the Senior Companion Advisory Counsel. But one of Sandra’s greatest joys in serving senior citizens takes place after hours with the CareGivers’ Caring Cupboard—a mobile food pantry program that delivers free groceries to the frail, elderly, and disabled in the Manchester-Nashua area.  Recipients are typically those who cannot afford even the basics, and who may have to decide whether to pay for their medication or buy food for the week. “I didn’t realize how much I take for granted until I met the people and saw their smile and excitement over just two bags of groceries,” says Sandra. “You’re continually reminded that, at any moment, the tables could turn, and we could be the ones in need of assistance. It’s such a great feeling to pay it forward.”

At PSNH, the Power Is In Our People